Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Green Declaration of Green Party Taiwan’s Founding Assembly | 台灣綠黨

Green Declaration of Green Party Taiwan’s Founding Assembly | 台灣綠黨: "We desire to reaffirm the principle of ecolgical sustenability and social justice for green politics. In Taiwan, high water and energy consumption industries were publicly challenged for polluting Taiwan, exhausting resources and uncompetitive marketing. The government began the importation of foreign workers for cheap labor and lowered environmental standards in order to keep the incompetitive polluting industries. Taiwan’s environment heads towards deep crisis. We believe that the use of green politics and the development of those industries that are compatible with natural environment is the only way out. Environmental ecologists realize that global resources are limited and realize the diversity of natural species. Thus, our goal is to create a healthy, global, environmentally benign and safe society. In order to achieve this goal, society and its lifestyles and beliefs must be altered for the better."

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