Thursday, November 12, 2015

Taiwan's Current Serious Air Pollution Has Nothing To Do With China

The News Lens 關鍵評論網: "環保署監資處長蔡鴻德說,台灣地區上午空品髒的主因是受汽機車排氣、火力發電廠、鋼鐵廠、大型工廠排放空汙有關,雖然西部吹北風及西北風,但風力微弱,空氣擴散條件不佳,致使空汙無法散去,由於大陸沿海目前下大雨,此波空品不佳,未受大陸影響。

臉書社團《PM2.5 自救會:資訊應公開,拒絕髒空氣》用數據證明:「別再說空汙是中國飄過來的,用嘴巴把責任往外推很容易,也別再怪罪農民燒稻草等這些微不足道的來源。請各縣市環保單位捲起袖子好好查緝,尤其國內大型的汙染源各式工廠。」 "

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Taiwan pollution from its own cars and industry, not China

TThe News Lens 關鍵評論網: "Director of EPA’s monitoring department Tsai Hung-de says that the main reason of low air qualities in the morning is emission from vehicles, thermal power generators, steel plants, and large-scale factories. Despite the west and northwestern winds covering western Taiwan, their weak forces don’t help much in air diffusion, so air pollutants aren’t dispersed. Moreover, the coastal areas of China have recently gone through massive downpour, indicating the country has nothing to do with the current poor air quality in Taiwan."