Sunday, July 4, 2021

Letter to editor from former DPP supporter

"Gradually I feel that what we chose with all our strength is despair."

Letter to editor

I am young. I still remember that during the general election, my colleagues and classmates were crazy about "111 go home to vote", all kinds of pictures, headers, articles... Even the always lazy I went back home to vote, When the president Tsai was elected with 8.17 million votes, how many people were so much moved. Now, we just want to die.

Dear President Tsai Ing-wen and the Democratic Progressive Party, do you know how many young people who vote for you, fall out with their families, have a big quarrel, quarrel with each other and threaten to stay away from their families forever, we are doing our best for you. In exchange for four years in power, what you have returned to us is infinite despair.

At the beginning of the COVID outbreak, we should guard and listen to what we should listen to. Minister Chen chi-zhong who should be loved, we also love; many people say that you've guarded for a year and it is already very good. Don’t catch war criminals and encourage abuse.

Excuse me, haven't we been obedient for a year? Excuse me, who will encourage us?

We obediently wore masks for a year, carried the sedan chair for you, helped you publicize various policy slogans, and praised you for a year. What happened? The government's response to us is 3+11. When the international community is persuading the people to get the vaccine, our government is busy catching someone who sneaks the vaccine.

The epidemic is much more serious than last year, but your seemingly considerate rent subsidies, single subsidies, and bailout 4.0 are all kinds of things that seem to be helpful to us. As a result, President Tsai Ing-wen, can you not know it? You can't help but know that the company will definitely help employees to protect their employees, right? You can't help but know that many of those who meet the conditions of bailout 4.0 and can receive subsidies are basically business owners, right?

The money is not simply taken, before we starve to death, what will it take to trust you?

Those of us who had many hopes to send you to the ruling platform were sent to the gallows by you, the Executive Yuan, the Ministry of Economy, and the Ministry of Labor.

Who can be rescued? I don’t know, I only know that no one around me can get it, but everyone is unemployed, either by the company’s salary cut or forced to suspend work. We were 100,000 miles away from home and came to Taipei to rent a house. We must receive the salary first. Deduct half, do you think there is a rent subsidy? Dear President Tsai Ing-wen, there are a bunch of conditions and restrictions on the rent subsidy. Immediate blood relatives cannot have a house, and no one of yours can have a house. You must be poor to get the help money...

My parents have a house in the south, but that doesn’t mean I have the money to rent a house in Taipei.

Dear President Tsai Ing-wen and Dean Su Zhenchang, I respect you very much, but I also want to say. If you really don't want to give money to those who need it, then don't give it. What kind of bailout 4.0 is really unnecessary. Do you know the sense of despair? You don’t know, because no matter how serious the epidemic is, no matter how you get scolded, there are still hundreds of thousands to receive every month, and you can still return to the comfort of your home and lie on the sofa every day, instead of simply renting an apartment.

Next is the vaccine, get the vaccine at your own expense?

Why do we pay taxes and let the country buy vaccines, but we "need" to spend more money to fight for them? Why is it that we have been crying out to buy a vaccine for more than a year, but the vaccine is still not enough now?

Why is there so much weight in the United States that one person can get a shot even in Costco, so many good things are being hit, and we are going to break the head for those "residues"? Who is still arrested for sneak shots of vaccines?

Sorry, we are talking about ordinary people, not including those high-ranking officials.

The senior officials are fully vaccinated. We can only make appointments for the residual doses. Are we inferior citizens? Is Taiwan a developing country?
Dear President Tsai Ing-wen, labor is not the softest part of your heart. Rich business owners are, and the high-ranking officials are.

I am sad that we have worked so hard, thinking that we have participated in politics with enthusiasm, and that we have changed Taiwan, but it has brought us despair.

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

What is troubling about falling population?

Around the world, capitalists consider only growth to be good. But world resources are strained. We should be celebrating degrowth. Bigger is not automatically better.

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Step by step video evidence -- how DPP rigged January 2020 election

What is the solution to road traffic?

People are frustrated by difficult road vehicle traffic problems. What is the solution? Individual motorized transport has been around for 100 years. Still, it is a mess. The more build-out solutions that are tried, the worse it gets.

Here is another way to go: make urban buses fare-free. Then add buses as required by demand. This will make gradual change away from individual motorized travel.