Thursday, August 30, 2018

氣候變化襲擊台灣 連日豪雨狂炸南臺灣,淹水還沒解決,現在又傳出新災情,屏東枋寮發生土石流覆蓋住鐵軌,一共6班區間車暫停行駛,另外在高雄壽山動物園聯外道路,因為下大雨橋面柏油路坍方,原本路上破洞長度6公尺,由於土壤含水量太高,不斷增加為20公尺,而且橋旁邊山坡地也有土石流,土塊沿著邊坡滾滾滑進泥流險象環生,緊急撤離10多戶居民。

#climatechange shuts down major city in Taiwan

taipeitimes Torrential rain brought by a southeast airstream yesterday led to severe flooding in Pingtung County and Kaohsiung, as the two regions were still reeling from devastation caused by a tropical depression system hovering over the nation last week.
台灣不會停止發展。 大自然讓我們停下來。

Monday, August 20, 2018

Development to benefit the wealthy

ketagalanmedia The key is that Taiwan’s urban planning and expropriations have gone awry and away from the original intent of these policy tools. The government is not using these policies to increase the general welfare or to solve social problems, but to benefit those with political and economic power by giving them opportunities for speculation and hoarding.


Saturday, August 18, 2018

很更多乘客搭乘免費公共交通 根據道路管理局的公共交通統計數據,今年7月1日所有引進免費公共交通的縣的乘客數量增加了20%。 在Ida-Viru縣,乘客人數幾乎翻了一番。

Thursday, August 16, 2018




A recent article in the Taiwan News [English] said that 86% of Taiwan young people do not approve of the government energy plans.

Taiwan should prepare for price increases for energy. One of the best ways would be to make buses fare-free and reduce the waste by motorcycles and cars.

Monday, August 6, 2018

借刀殺人 ... borrow a knife to kill

美國讓特朗普負責借用他的刀。 他將做一些促進種族主義和分裂人民的骯髒工作。 在他走得太遠之後,他們會否認他。
The US has put Trump in charge to borrow his knife. He will do dirty work of promoting racism and dividing people. After he goes too far, they will disavow him.